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monica vicente miravet poete

Mónica Vicente Miravet

May/5, 2019
Director of Communications at Respira Agency, Castellón. She is passionate about clothes that convey confidence but with a romantic style.

Raquel Canseco

September/7, 2018
A mother, enthusiastic about weddings, fashion and unique details, but above all a woman who believes that elegance and good taste do not mean having to pretend to be perfect 24 hours a day.
raquel canseco poete

Belén Martí Junco poete

Belén Martí Junco

July/10, 2018
Director of Charhadas. Active, dynamic, generous and fun.

Elena Bau

June/1, 2018
Photographer. "I love long dresses; for me, they are basic and I always have several in my wardrobe. However, you can't go wrong with a shirt and jeans."
Elena Bau poete

bridalada poete


April/4, 2018
Photographs by Silvia Coca
Carmen Catalán, creator of the "Bridalada" blog. An enthusiast of weddings and bridal fashion. Passionate about fashion in general.

Isabel Marín

March/6, 2018
Photographs by Pedro Reus
Vocational journalist and TV presenter determined to do good journalism. Passion, effort and sacrifice are the keys to success.
isabel marin poete

calista one poete

Calista One

February/6, 2018
Photographs of Lorena San Jose
Telecommunication engineer, incurable romantic and master of ceremonies at Calista One, one of the most popular online wedding lists.

Belén Vazquez

January/15, 2017
Get to know Belén Vazquez better. Blogger, mother and wife. This woman radiates love and energy in abundance.
belen vazquez poete

laura pons poete

Laura Pons

December/1, 2017
We interviewed Laura Pons, creator of Claudine custom clutch bags. Her vocation for fashion has been with her since she was a child; therefore, her successful career comes as no surprise.

Casilda Finat

October/27, 2017
We interviewed Casilda Finat, a jewellery and accessories designer. Renowned for the colour scheme of her pieces, which are the perfect complement to your special look.
casilda finat poete

Andrea Pascual poete

Andrea Pascual

October/4, 2017
Photographs by Elena Bau
After many years dedicated to the field of communication, this law graduate has just opened her communication and public relations agency, Kimomi, together with Ana María Chico de Guzman.