Mónica Vicente Miravet

5 de Mayo de 2019
Photographs by Nicolás Arias
Director of Communications at Respira Agency, Castellón. She is passionate about clothes that convey confidence but with a romantic style.
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"Poète's collections are always synonymous with cosmopolitan, romantic, feminine and fresh clothes, perfect for every woman to feel confident."
monica vicent miravet poete

How do you see yourself?
Passionate about the sea, fashion and animals. Restless, perfectionist, persevering and loyal.
How did you get into your professional career?
I graduated in Media and Communication Studies and later decided to specialise in corporate communications. I took a Master's Degree in Strategic Communication Management. I was soon working as a communications manager at Respira Comunicación, the agency where I have been working for six years, and where I currently lead the strategy and content department.

monica vicent miravet poete

What's the best professional advice anybody has ever given you?
Two pieces of advice, which I try to apply every day. The first is that there is no such thing as luck. There is the knowledge of what you want to achieve and you must be alert to take advantage of opportunities; but professional success is the result of a lot of work, sacrifice, knowledge and a pinch of intuition. And the second is to never lose your enthusiasm for what you're doing. And, if, at some time in your life, you feel that enthusiasm for your profession diminishing, stop and look for it in small things or hobbies that mean something to you, that make you vibrate, and that you can do by yourself.
Is there anything about the Poète label with which you can identify?
My job involves dealing directly with customers to whom I must convey a feeling of security, ensuring that their products and services reflect the values that make them unique. A complex and interesting challenge that requires the same care for my personal brand. Poète gives me that security when it comes to feeling sure that what I am planning is the best of me. The talent, effort, perseverance, femininity and versatility behind each garment defines what I want in my day-to-day life.
What kind of look makes you feel most comfortable?
Definitely dresses. I like all types of dresses: short, midi, long, plain, with prints... But I really like Poète’s romantic floral prints. You can always find them in my wardrobe, as well as shirt dresses, which you can wear both for everyday life and for an event you are attending as a guest, using the right accessories for each occasion.

monica vicent miravet poete

How do you think social media has affected the fashion world?
Social media have democratised the world of fashion. They have allowed more people to have access to fashion and that immediacy of access to any label is a key factor. Today, it no longer matters so much what is you wear but who is wearing it and, as a result, influence marketing is continuing to grow, accounting for a very important part of companies' communications and advertising budgets. Social networks are a brutal showcase, they provide visibility and encourage interaction with strategic customers, but this requires careful planning to achieve the desired results.
Who's your style icon?
I love Olivia Palermo; she always dresses perfectly and makes a statement. She is clearly a style guru. But I must emphasise that I meet women every day who inspire me, either by browsing Instagram, reading articles and fashion blogs, seeing their designs ... and even fictional characters. Empowered women bring a smile to my face; they transmit different but highly inspiring things to me.
Do you like to follow trends or go your own way?
Me parece divertido seguir las tendencias y estar al día, pero no las aplico todas. Conozco mi cuerpo y sé lo que me sienta bien, así que adapto las tendencias con las que me identifico al tipo de prendas que me gusta llevar.
monica vicent miravet poete

What's your favourite Poète look this season?
Poète´s collections are always synonymous with cosmopolitan, romantic, feminine and fresh clothes, perfect for every woman to feel confident. I thought the knitwear dresses like Tulum, Nata or Luna were wonderful, an absolute trend this season; as well as the animal print garments like the Ariana and Boneta dresses, or the Grachia skirt. I also liked the Ocre and Belisa shirt dresses, depending on whether you prefer the plain or the floral prints; as well as Poète's boho collection, with dresses like Grasse, Mer or Loise, perfect for spring days and long summer evenings.

monica vicente miravet poete

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