Poète Je t’aime

The most Poète collection of the season is here, How to be Parisien is now available in stores. We return to our origins, with a collection full of patterns that have always been our and your favorites.

French-style romantic garments that return to the front lines of our brand. Perfect for them to be your faithful companions in your day to day.

A collection based on the romanticism and femininity of women with a naive touch that in the end we all have inside.

There is nothing more Parisian than a good basic. For this reason we wanted to reinvent the usual trench coat, brought to the "Poète terrain".

We want to dress a feminine, cosmopolitan woman who likes to feel cool, special, a woman who gives free rein to her imagination and stomps wherever she goes.

If you feel identified with the phrase of our designer Berta Martín, this collection is for you.