Casilda Finat

October/27, 2017
We interviewed Casilda Finat, a jewellery and accessories designer. Renowned for the colour scheme of her pieces, which are the perfect complement to your special look.
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"I've fallen in love with a long-sleeved sheer suit with a little red and black flower print"
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Have you always wanted to work in the world of fashion?
When I was a little girl I loved to go into my mother's dressing room and try on her jewellery; I would also get old pieces of cloth she had in a wardrobe and play with them to make dresses for me.
What do you have to do to get where you are?
You have to work hard, “roll up your sleeves” and pitch in if you want something to work out. Nothing comes for free and it's difficult to get to the top. You mustn't be afraid to get down and work. I think I've been rather lucky too.

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What's the best professional advice anybody has ever given you?
The worst management is no management.
¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de la moda? ¿Y de Poète?
I like fashion because it allows you to express yourself in a thousand different ways depending on the time of your life or your mood but above all because it makes you feel beautiful. I love Poète because of its sexy femininity, which makes you feel beautiful and very feminine.

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What's your favourite Poète look this season?
I've fallen in love with a long-sleeved, sheer suit with a red and black flower print. I think it's perfect because you can wear it during the day or on a special evening. Even for a wedding if you choose the right accessories; it's ideal with one of my golden XXL earrings.
Do you consider yourself a fashion victim or do you prefer not to follow trends?
I like trends but I don't follow every one of them. I think it's important to feel comfortable with what you wear and not give up on what you are for the sake of fashion.
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Who's your style icon?
I love Carlota Casiraghi and Olivia Palermo.
How do you manage to reconcile your work with your personal life?
Luckily, I have a flexible schedule that allows me to spend a lot of time with my family. I try to take advantage of the hours when I am least needed at home to run my business.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I love photography and travel. I also love shopping and going to the pictures to watch a good movie. I'm very family oriented and I love spending time with my parents, my sister, and my nieces.
What projects do you have for this year?
I've opened two stores in the last year and I'm very excited because before Christmas I want to launch a line of MC belts that are going to be a hit.

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