Belén Vázquez

January/15, 2017
Get to know Belén Vazquez better. Blogger, mother and wife. This woman radiates love and energy in abundance.
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"I adapt the trends I like to my own style, which is simple, relaxed, practical and very comfortable"
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Have you always wanted to work in the world of fashion?
It was always clear to me that I wanted to study journalism and the circumstances of life led me to work at a fashion magazine where I mainly write about children, brides and decoration. Now I am very interested in children's fashion. I am a mother of 4 children and I have an IG account, Mi Pequeña Tribu (My Little Tribe) where, besides telling our daily life, I give ideas and tips about children.
What's the best professional advice anybody has ever given you?
Fight for your dreams and for what you want, be constant, honest, orderly and never give up.

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What do you like most about your job?
I’ve been working for ten years as a contributing editor for the magazine TELVA. Interviews, photoshoots, presentations... What I like the most is that it has allowed me and still allows me to meet very interesting people from different fields and also see wonderful places.
And about the Poète label?
I like the versatility of the garments, its feminine style and the fact that it has designs for all kinds of situations: weddings, christenings, everyday life...

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How do you think social media has affected the fashion world?¿Cómo crees que han afectado las redes sociales al mundo de la moda?
Social media have completely revolutionised it. By bringing it as close as possible to “ordinary people”, it is now accessible and not the exclusive territory of models, designers and celebrities. In addition, the process of buying clothes and seeing new trends is much faster now. There are no longer any seasons as such; the labels have to bring out new collections all the time. Their immediate effect requires a very fast response time from the labels.
What's your favourite Poète look this season??
The mustard coloured Tuki coat and a navy blue crossed dress with buttons that you can wear either with Converse sneakers or with heeled boots.
Do you consider yourself a fashion victim or do you prefer not to follow trends?
I like fashion and shopping very much, but I don't usually follow trends completely. I adapt the trends I like to my own style, which is simple, relaxed, practical and very comfortable.
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Who's your style icon? Your ideal labels or designers?
The entire Casiraghi family, Jeanne Damas, Jane Birkin and Alessandra de Osma. I like small artisan labels, but Masscob and Isabel Marant are always good.
How do you manage to reconcile your work with your personal life, especially being a mother of four children?
I am lucky to have a flexible schedule that allows me to enjoy them. When I have a lot of work, the situation becomes more complicated but I have a sacred rule; as soon as I set foot in our house, I dedicate all my time to them. I also have the help of my siblings, my parents, my in-laws and all my siblings-in-law. I can't really complain.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I love photography, cramming decorating books, making sponge cakes with my kids and then eating them.

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