Belén Martí Junco

July/10, 2018
Director of Charhadas
belen marti junco poete
"I love the romantic, ultra-feminine style of Poète!"
belen marti junco poete

¿Cómo te definirias?
Active, dynamic, generous and fun.
How did you get into your professional career?
At the age of 22, I started working in the field of communication, large companies, agencies etc... until I decided to start my own business.

belen marti junco poete

¿Cual es el mejor consejo que te han dado profesionalmente?
Be humble and fight for your dreams.
Is there anything about the Poète label with which you can identify?
I love the romantic, ultra-feminine style of Poète!

belen marti junco poete

¿Con que tipo de looks te sientes más cómoda?
With my busy life, I always try to opt for looks with a touch of trend, which are versatile and comfortable and that can be perfect all night.
How do you think social media has affected the fashion world?
Social networks have revolutionised the world in general and more so the world of fashion. The latest trends, the personal styles of influencers, the proposals of our favourite labels... have never been so easily available. Social media have definitely democratised fashion.
belen marti junco poete

How did your Instagram following start?
Like a game! I'm a fan of photography and I loved being able to share my favourite photographs with my friends and acquaintances. Little by little, I realised that people liked my style and the number of followers started to grow. It was a great surprise that drove me to take it more seriously and it has become my personal letter of introduction!
Who's your style icon?
I love Olivia Palermo but, especially, my mother! I love her style, which is always appropriate and comfortable.
How do you manage to reconcile your work with your personal life?
Juggling! And focusing 100% on every moment, when I'm working, I work! And when I'm with my family, I make the most of every moment.

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